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( ) 1.—_______ is the population of the USA —309 million.
A. How much B. How many C. What D. How
( ) 2.—Jane played the piano pretty well at the party last night. —_______
A. So did she. B. So she was. C. So was she. D. So she did.
( ) 3.—Have you returned the story books to the library______
—Yes, I’ve returned it ______.
A. already; already B. yet; yet C. already; yet D. yet; already
( ) 4. He was late ______ the rain.
A. Because B. Because of C. Thanks to D. Thanks
( ) 5.In order to solve the job problem, the government has carried out many policies to
______ young people more job opportunities.
A. offer B. provide C. supply D. make
( ) 6.______ of the bananas on the plate _______ soft and sweet.
A. Two fifth; is B. Two fifths; are C. Two fifths; is D. Two fifth; are
( ) 7.The population of Indian is much ______ than that of Japan.
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