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( )1. —I _______ National Museum twice. How about you —Never. I hope to visit it soon.
A. have gone to B. have been to C. go to D. went to
( ) 2.—_______ you ever _______ rope —No, I haven’t. I prefer running.
A. Have; jump B. Did; jump C. Have; jumped D. Will; jump
( ) 3.We now usually _______ each other by using cellphones.
A. come up with B. keep in touch with C. keep up with D. get along with
( ) 4.—Shall we go on working—OK, _______ I prefer to have a rest.
A. when B. if C. because D. though
( ) 5.China is trying her best to carry out some reforms _______ people’s needs.
A. satisfy B. satisfying C. satisfies D. to satisfy
( ) 6.—Can I have a look at your homework—I think you can do it _______.
A. yourselves B. by yourself C. by you D. oneself
( ) 7.—What _______ you just now —Don’t worry. Nothing _______.
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