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第二部分 笔试(80分)
1. You study ______ hard ______ you’re pass the test.
A. enough ; to B. as ; as C. so ; that D. too ; to
2. In my opinion, ______ is impossible for us to get there before 7 pm.
A. it B. this C. that D. there
3. Jim is busy preparing his report because Mr Li asked him to ______ tomorrow morning.
A. hand it in B. put it away C. give it up D. pick it up
4. ______ Mr Brown has got a bad cold, he doesn’t want to take the afternoon off.
A. Before B. Because C. Since D. Although
5. The little boy saved every coin ______ he could buy his mother a present on Mother’s Day.
A. so B. even though C. so that D. because
6. ─Did you see the accident
─No. ______, I learned about it from Lily.
A. Actually B. Suddenly C. Finally D. Immediately
7. ─It’s already 10 pm. What’s Jenny doing in the living room
- She is lying on the ______ watching her favourite TV programme.
A. field B. grass C. sofa D. beach
8. ─Don’t forget to ______ all the computers before you leave the computer room.
一No. I won’t.
A. turn on B. turn up C. turn off D. turn down
9. The loud noise ______ at midnight. I didn’t sleep any longer.
A. woke me up B. cheered me up C. picked me up D. helped me out
10. ─My sister Jane has been to the Grand Canyon.
- ______. And I remained by the canyon for an hour.
A. So she has B. So has she C. So have I D. So I have
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