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( ) 1. 1. — My dream is to build     university on the moon some day.
— It sounds like     unusual dream. I wish you could realize it.
A. a; a B. an; a C. a; an D. an; an
( ) 2. —Hey, July. —___________? —I need your help.
A. Oh, really? B. What’s up? C. How are you? D. All right.
( ) 3. I like to learn about the world____________ the Internet.
A. in B. for C. through D. though
( ) 4. Helen will give us a report as soon as she____________.
A. arrives B. arrived C. is arriving D. will arrive
( ) 5. You have been happy ___________ I first met you.
A. before B. when C. while D. since
(   ) 6. __________ I am in trouble, my best friend Li Lei always helps me.
A. Whenever B. Whatever C. However D. Whoever
( ) 7.They can go home as soon as the homework _______________.
A .finished B. finishes C .was finished D .is finished
( ) 8.I have learnt__________________from my teachers and classmates.
A.a great deal of B .a great deal C. a lot of D. plenty
( ) 9.A good storyteller must be able to hold his listeners’ curiosity(好奇心) ________
he reaches the end of the story .
A. until B. when C.as soon as D. since
( ) 10. Ann is so careful that she always goes over her exercises to_____ there are no
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