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Unit 4 Growing up
at an earlier time than
at a later time than
A Using before, after, when and while

一.before and after

How to use before
Before means earlier than a certain time
a. 表示“在…..之前就…..”。
Mary had finished her homework before her mother returned.
b. 表示“过了多久后才… ,动作进行到什么程度才……”
The man almost knocked me down before he saw me .
They walked about 30 miles to the west before they saw a village .
They worked day and night about three days before everything returned to normal .
c. 表示“刚…就…”
I had hardly sat down before the bell rang.
d. 表示“不知不觉就…..; 还没弄清就……”
Time passed quickly and three months went by before Tom knew it.
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