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六、根据单词划线部分的发音和首字母提示填写单词,完成句子 (5分)
1. The bear’s e hurts and I am sorry to hear that.
2. My d ! My birthday is getting near.
3. Chinese New Year is coming, let’s c together.
4. Where is the p ? It’s under the c .

1. The teacher the children
last lesson.

2. There some in the sky.
But it is now.

3. Yesterday we __ __ a in the park.

4. It’s today.
Don’t forget to take with you.

5. I yesterday morning and
I so tired.

6. – What you do yesterday morning?
- I with my friend.
1. Su Yang ______ _ (want) to know about the weather in New York.
2. Does it often (rain) there? Yes, it (rain) yesterday.
3. I often go ____ ___(swim) with my friends in summer.
4. Listen, there is a girl ___ ___ ( sing) there.
5. Mum, let’s ______ (buy) some fruit for Grandma.
6. I (go) to a party last night. It (is) fun.
7. You look sad. What (happen), Sam? 2-1-c-n-j-y
8. Long long ago, people (cannot) (ride) the bike
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