[ID:4-3887890]Unit 1 The king's new clothes 单元测试卷(含听力书面材料与听力答案)
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farmer warm quarter March party bar hard card
1. The worked very in the countryside.
2. The girl gives the to her friend at the snack of the park.
3. On 8th, there was a for the women teachers at our school.
1. The king was f because he’s wearing no clothes.
2. There were a lot of p in the street.
3. On Christmas Day, he g a wonderful present from his parents.
4. “Don’t park your car here.” The park keeper pointed at the sign, “see?
It s ‘No Parking’.”
5. One day, the lion w sick. His wife looked after him carefully.
6. Long long ago, there w three bears in the house.
7. Last autumn I p oranges on the farm with my friends.
8. The boy is not very c ,but he studies so hard and always get No. 1 in the exams.
( )1. Long long ago, there a lion. He in the forest.
A. is, lives B. was, lived C. were, lived
( )2. The king walked through the city his new clothes.
A. on B. in C. for
( )3. “Ha! Ha! The king isn’t wearing clothes!”
A. many B. some C. any
( )4. Clever Tom is from the far
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