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Unit 8 It must belong to Carla.
1. If it is fine tomorrow,we’ll have a(n) (野餐) in the new park.
2. The (粉红色的)hair band can’t be Rose’s. She doesn’t like the color.
3. There are three (卡车) in the parking lot. Which one is your father’s
4. The old man feeds a few (兔子) on the farm.
5. Does this book (属于) you
1. —_____ gloves are these
—They could be Sam’s.
A. Whose ? ? ? ? ?B. What?? C. Which ? ? ?D. How many??
2. ---I wonder if this smart phone is Mary’s.
--- It belong to her. is totally different from this one.
A. mustn’t; Her B. can’t; Her C. can’t; Hers D. may; Hers
3. —Is that Ms. Jones’ car
—It _____ be hers. She has just gone for a meeting in her car.
A. may not ? ? ? ? B. shouldn’t??????? C. can’t ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? D. mustn’t
4. --- Oh, it’s raining hard.
--- Be careful! The road ________be wet.
A. could B. must C. might D. can
5. —Are those stamps ________?
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公开课Unit 8 It must belong to Carla. SectionA1a-2c.doc
公开课Unit 8 It must belong to Carla. SectionA1a-2c.ppt
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