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Unit6 When was it invented SectionA3a-3c阅读公开课:35张PPT
Unit 6 When was it invented
1. In less than 100 years, tea has become the _________ (nation) drink in England.
2. The boiling water with tea leaves _________ (produce) a nice smell so Shen Nong tasted it.
3. The book describes where the finest tea leaves __________ (produce).
4. This helped to spread the __________ (popular) of tea around the world.
5. Do you know when tea ___________ (bring) to other countries
1. The 1st National Youth Games _________ in Fuzhou in 2015.
A. takes place B. took place
C. is taken place D. was taken place
2. There is no _____ that phones play an important role in the modern life.
A . question B . doubt C . problem D.trouble
3. —I cooked the fish. What do you think of it
—I haven’t had it yet. However, it ________ delicious.
A. tastes ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? B. smells
C. is tasted ? ? ? ? ? ? ? D. is smelt
4.________ is said that walking is one of the best ways for people to keep healthy.
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