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Unit 6第1课时
1.Steve Jobs was full of ________ —always coming up with new
ideas which led to great changes in society.
A.instruction B.invitation
C.introduction D.invention
2.English is used ________ a second language ________ people in
many countries.
A.as; by B.as; for
C.for; by D.by; for
3.—Who ________ the washing machine ________?
—It was invented by Fisher.
A.did; invent B.is; invented
C.was; invented D.was; invented by
4.Do you know who ________ America
A.found B.invented
C.discovered D.looked for
5.Don’t stay inside on ________ morning.
A.such a sunny B.such sunny
C.so a sunny D.so sunny
6.—It is very nice of you to help me.
A.I agree B.Not yet
C.My pleasure D.No way
7.The instructions are used for ________ photos in a right way.
Unit 6 When was it invented. Section A (1a-2d)课件+练习
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