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Unit 4 单元主题阅读与写作课件:8张PPT
Unit 4 SectionB (3a-Self Check):18张PPT
Unit4 第5课时
1.I used to ________ newspapers and watch TV after dinner. But now I’m used to ________ a walk.
A.read; take B.read; taking
C.reading; taking D.reading; take
2.—You like to drink coffee, don’t you
—Yes. But I’m ________ drinking tea, too.
A.able to B.similar to  C.used to  D.ready to
3.Dick ________ in America, but he has been ________ Chinese food since he moved to China.
A.used to live; used to eating
B.is used to live; used to eat
C.is used to live; used to eating
D.used to living; used to eat
4.—I miss my neighbors very much after I moved into the new flat.
—So do I. I ________ ________(过去常常) play cards and Chinese chess with them.
5.Michael’s grandfather is too old to drive a car.(改为同义句) Michael’s grandfather isn’t ________ ________ to drive a car.
6.—What are you going to do during the summer vacation
—I am going to ______ a new hobby like swimming or dancing.
Unit 4 I used to be afraid of the dark. Section B (3a-Self Check)课件+练习
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