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Unit 4 SectionA (3a-3c):36张PPT
Unit 4 第2课时
1.—How many women doctors are there in your hospital
—________ them ________ over twenty.
A.A number of; are B.The number of; are
C.The number of; is D. The number of; am
2.The car looks nice. ________, it’s much greener because it uses electricity.
A.However B.What’s worse
C.Even though D.Besides
3.Susan is brave enough to ________ to speak in front of crowds.
A.forget B.dare C.hate D.fail
4.As a ________ schoolgirl, you shouldn’t have your ears pierced.
A.13 years old B.13-years-old
C.13-year-old D.13 year old
5.—Do you ________ anything else
—Well, I want another postcard.
A.spread B.create C.require D.influence
6.Jane is very busy these days, for she has a lot of problems to ________.
A.deal with B.keep up with
C.agree with D.come up with
7.In the song “I Bet My Life” the US rock band Imagine Dragon tells people never to ________ catching their dream.
Unit 4 I used to be afraid of the dark. Section A (3a-3c)课件+练习
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