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新目标英语九年级上 Unit 3能力检测题
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( )1. ________________ is the girl ________________ our English teacher
A. Who;beside B. Whom;besides C. Where;beside D. Where;besides
( )2. -- Is AC Milan Italian football club
-- Yes. It’s one of most successful clubs in Italy.
A. an; / B. an; the C. /; the D. /; /
( )3. —Could you tell me where the supermarket is
—Sure. The supermarket is ___ the bookstore ____ the post office. You can find it easily.
A. between;and B. both;and C. either;or D. neither;nor
( )4. -- Look! What’s that the corner of the room
-- I can’t see clearly. It’s a little dark there.
A. behind B. below C. in D. under
( )5. I have to say it is not _ for me to see you now, because I am very busy with my work.
A. impolite B. safe C. inexpensive D. convenient
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