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( )1.—I really want to watch “Furious 8”(速度与激情8) Could you tell________
—Sure. It’ll be on show in China next Saturday.
A. where will it be on show B. when it will be on show C. what time will it be on show D. when will it be on show
( )2.-Our government has decided to ______ more hospitals and schools in Jiangbei New District of Nanjing.
—I’m very glad to hear that.
A. look up B. set up C. give up D. take up
( )3.—Which of the three dresses will you take
—I’ll take ____. Let’s go to another shop.
A. both B. either C. none D. all
( )4.Mrs. Smith often goes to visit those AIDS patients in hospitals to cheer up.
A. her B. them C. him D. they
( )5.-Mr. Li, can you tell me how to do better in the exams
-I think you should read and write as _________ as possible during the exams.
A. careful B. carefully C. more careful D. more carefully
( )6.Summer is coming, and the weather is getting ___________.
A. hot and hot B. hoter and hoter C. hotter and hotter D. more and more hot
( )7. — Where is Taiwan Do you know— Of course. It’s __________ the east of Fujian.
A. to B. on C. at D. in
( )8. --- Let’s put away Johnny’s test paper to give Father a big surprise.
--- You do that. He told Father about his test
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