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Unit1 How can we become good learners SectionA3a-3b阅读公开课:28张PPT
Unit1 How can we become good learners

1.The word “take” in different sentences has different________ .
2.Last weekend we visited our grandparents in the countryside and they ________ a big lunch.
3.Many people like watching the program ________ Running Man.
4.Gina is a shy girl.She often ________ herself behind her parents.
5.Shennong________ the tea by accident.
1.I find ______ difficult to learn English well in a short time.
A. that B. this C. it D. them
2. The foreigner spoke ______ quickly ______ I could hardly understand him.
A. too; to B. such; that C. so; that D. very; that
4. Jenny learns new words by ______ in a dictionary.
A. looking up it B. looking up them
C. looking for it D. looking them up
5.The teacher asked me to read aloud ________ all the students could hear me.
A.so that B.for C.because D.in order to
6.I can understand your meaning by watching the ________ on your face.
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