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第一部分 朗读短文
Our good friend Jason is leaving Beijing tomorrow. Jason is an exchange student who studied at our school for six months.
Jason is smart. He is good at Maths, and he often helped us with our homework. He likes our school because we have more after-school activities and more clubs.
Everyone likes Jason because he is always kind and generous. He is willing to share things with others. Jason also has a great sense of humour. We will never forget his jokes.
Now Jason has to go back to his family and friends in New York. We will all miss him very much. We wish him good luck.
W: 去年第5题
My name is Lucy. I am in Year 9 at Woodland School near London. It is a mixed school. Boys and girls have lessons together. My favourite subject is French. Learning foreign languages is fun.
Our school has a Reading Week every year. During the week, we can borrow more books from the school library. We can also bring in books and magazines from home. I often read more books than my classmates. Near the end of the week, we discuss the books with our classmates in class. Time seems to go faster when we are reading interesting books.
3 去年第15题
Winter is my favourite season. It is very cold and everyone has to wear thick warm clothes, but I always enjoy the winter here in Harbin.
The temperature is usually below zero and it is often snowy. Everything is covered in deep white snow, and the lakes and rivers are frozen.
During this season, you cannot see beautiful flowers or green trees, but the land is quiet and beautiful.
My friends and I love playing outside in winter. It is exciting to have big snowball fights. We also make snowmen and use carrots for their noses. They look funny.
Winter is great!
4 去年第2题
DIY stands for "do-it-yourself". When you do DIY, you make, repair or decorate things yourself instead of paying someone to do it.
Today, we are going to make some sandwiches. Sandwiches are quick and easy to make. First, you should pick a piece of bread.Then put some tomato sauce on it. Next, you can put some ham and vegetables on it. They are good for our health. Finally, you just need to put another piece of bread on top of it. If you like, you can cut it in half with a knife. Be careful! I don’t want anyone to get hurt. Why not have a try now
5 去年第3题
Halloween is on October 31. People celebrate it in many ways. Children wear special costumes and masks at Halloween. Many children play a game called "trick or treat". They knock on their neighbours’ doors and shout "trick or treat". Their neighbours usually give them some candy as a "treat". If the children do not get any candy, they can play a trick on their neighbours.Some people also make lanterns out of big orange pumpkins. They cut out the eyes, the nose and the sharp teeth. They put candles in them so the light shines through the eyes, the nose and the teeth.
6 去年第12题
Tan Dun is one of the greatest artists in the world today. When he was very young, Tan showed an interest in music. To him, the best music comes from nature.As he likes the sounds of nature, Tan uses them a lot in his music. For example, in one of his works, Water, he doesn’t use any musical instruments. He makes over 50 sounds from water by controlling the speed of water flow. That’s really amazing!
Tan has successfully brought Chinese and Western music together. He has helped build a bridge between the East and the West. In his words, "My music is to dream without boundaries."
7 去年第23题
Dinosaurs lived on the Earth a long time ago. We now know that the first dinosaurs appeared about 230 million years ago.
There were hundreds of different kinds of dinosaurs, but they didn’t live at the same time.Some dinosaurs were really small. One of the smallest dinosaurs was about one metre long and weighed about three kilograms. Others were really big. Some very large ones weighed over 100,000 kilograms and some were about 40 metres long.
Some dinosaurs ate plants and others ate meat. All dinosaurs had four legs and lived on land.
8 去年第8题
We are going to hold a talk on good table manners this afternoon. The purpose is to teach students rules for eating.
There will be a lot of advice on table manners. Above all, when you are sitting at the table, you should not start eating until everyone is ready, and it is impolite to make too much noise while you are eating or drinking. You should not eat with your mouth open or talk with food in your mouth. Before you leave the table, wait for everyone to finish.
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