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2020中考英语“停课不停学”阅读理解练习(四)及答案 仔细阅读短文,掌握大意,然后完成题目。 Passage A (2019中考教育类选练) Drunk driving has become a serious problem not only in China but also in other countries. In America, a local organization is taking action to stop it. Now, it is looking for 50 musicians and performers to make a series of CDs named Kids Saving Kids. ?If your music is chosen, it will be nationally promoted(提升) and sold on the market. Thousands of music fans around the world will hear it. You don’t need to pay for all this.?It is a chance for young performers to use their songs to save lives. People can get the music on the Internet for free. When they visit the website, they will see information about drunk driving. This will make people pay more attention to the great danger of drunk driving. The information is made by students from all over America. This project is the first of its kind. “It’s a good idea to use music to save other children’s lives. Drunk driving influences everyone. I hope you will join me in this fight. Together we can all make a difference,” said one of the organizers. You can send your music to the organization at ksksubmit@stopddnow.com. At the same time, you should provide MP3s of your songs. Also, you should write down your age, address and your parents’ phone numbers. Besides the above requirements, there are some additional requirements: ?????? You must want to make a difference with your music. ??????? You must be younger than 18 years old. ??????? You must have at least one song written by yourself. (??? ) 1 The local organization is looking for musicians and performers ________. ????????????? A. to sell music on the market??? B. to form another organization ????????????? C. to make a series of CDs?????? D. to stop them from drunk drinking (??? ) 2 For young performers, it is a good chance to use their songs for ________. ????????????? A. making money????????????????????B. saving kids’ lives ????????????? C. helping the poor?????????????????D. supporting their families (??? ) 3 The musicians and performers are required to ________ by the local organization. ????????????? A. make their music different?????????????B. be at least 18 years old ????????????? C. write all the songs by themselves? D. write down their phone numbers (??? ) 4 Which of the following do you think is the best title for this passage? ????????????? A. Joining the Organization’s Fight. ????????????? B. Using Music to Save Kids’ Lives. ????????????? C. A Series of CDs by Young Performers. ????????????? D. The Danger of Drunk Driving. Passage B If you have no special plans for your holidays, why not spend your time helping others? Some people say the young today only think of themselves. It's not true. In fact more and more young people in the USA volunteer to spend their school holidays helping others. And they do it without reward. Here are some of their plans. *Alice Brown, 17 I'm going to help the Forest Center build new hiking paths in the mountains with my brother, Mike. It will be fantastic. We will spend the whole summer living in a tent and breathing the fresh air. We're going to sleep under the stars. It will be a nice spot, and we will be able to do something wonderful at the same time! *Jason Moore, 18 This summer, I'll volunteer for Special House Program to build good, low?cost houses and sell them to the poor. They'll teach me what to do, so I am going to help people and also have a chance to learn how to build houses. *Trish Anderson, 16 I'm going to teach children who have trouble in reading. I'll work for a program called Reading for Life. I'm going to help childen choose and read books that they like. I want to be a teacher, and I like children and reading, so it will be a great experience for me. (  )1.Many young people in the USA volunteer to spend their school holidays ______. A. watching TV B. playing games C. helping others D. travelling (  )2. Jason Moore will volunteer to ______ this summer. A. build new hiking paths in the mountains B. build houses with Special House Program C. teach children who have trouble in reading D. help children choose and read books that they like (  )3. Who is going to help children choose and read books that they like? A. Alice Brown. B. Jason Moore. C. Trish Anderson. D. Mike Brown. (  )4. According to the text, which of the following is TRUE? A. Alice will spend the whole summer living in a tent. B. Jason will breathe the fresh air this summer. C. Trish will have a chance to go to sleep under the stars. D. Jason will build good, low?cost houses and sell them to the rich. (  )5.Where is the text most probably taken from? A. A novel B. A science book C. A storybook D. A report Passage C (2019中考教育类选练) A jaywalker is a person who usually walks across the road without paying attention to the traffic. ? “I don’t like to be a taxi driver,not only because of its hard work,but also for the reason of too many jaywalkers on the road,and that may cause dangerous accidents.”Drivers always complain(抱怨) like that.These day,a new way is used to solve the problem in Shijiazhuang,and the jaywalkers are now facing another danger of having their pictures shown on screen. ? A new system(系统) using two cameras and a 30 cm-by -20 cm screen is put next to some crossings in the city.People who cross the road on a red light will be caught by the camera,and their pictures will be shown on the screen.At the same time,the system will make a warning sound for people not to continue. ? A primary school students was caught by the camera.He stopped back onto the pavement(人行道)after hearing the sound.”I was in a rush to get to school and saw myself smiling shyly on the screen,”he said. ? The system has been in use for about two weeks.Many people think it’s a good way to stop jaywalking.But there are also different voices.Some think that walkers are now given less time than drivers to cross the road,and time should be adjusted(调整). ? Anyway,it is a good way to solve the problem on the road.And maybe it will spread to more cities soon. ?(?? )1.Jaywalkers often______. ??????? A.drive a car carefully ??????? B.solve the traffic problems ??????? C.follow the traffic rules ??????? D.run the red light (?? )2.The new system is put______. ??????? A.at the crossing???????? B.in the tree ??????? C.on the building???????? D.at the park (?? )3.The______ of the jaywalker is shown on the screen in order to warn ??????? People. ??????? A.name????? B.sound???? C.picture????? D.address (?? )4.The sound will warn the people when they cross the road on______. ??????? A.a yellow light????????? B.a red light ??????? C.a green light?????????? D.the pavement (?? )5.Because of the system, walkers in Shijiazhuang may_______. ??????? A.have more time to cross the road ??????? B.hear the warning more often ??????? C.follow the traffic rules better ????? ??D.like the pictures on the screen Passage D (2019中考保健与健康类选练) Everyone wants to be healthy.You know food is very important.There is much healthy food.You can have more bananas,apples,oranges,tomatoes and lettuce(莴苣) because fruit and vegetables are good for you.But don’t eat too much chocolate.It’s not healthy food.Healthy food can make you grow and make you strong and happy.Remember there is a saying—An apple a day keeps the doctor away.Sports can also keep you healthy.Get up early and do some sports every day.Don’t be lazy.You will be healthy and happy. 1.Which is right?  ? A.Everybody is healthy. B.We want to be healthy. C.We are important. D.We are happy. 2.What is healthy food?  ? A.Fruit and vegetables. B.Bananas,apples and chocolate. C.Fruit and chocolate. D.Delicious food. 3.Why is healthy food good for you?  ? A.It makes us happy. B.It makes us grow strong. C.It makes us grow and makes us strong and happy. D.It makes us eat well. 4.“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” means   .? A.you eat an apple every day and you can be healthy B.the doctor runs away when you give him an apple C.the doctor goes away when he sees an apple D.the doctor goes away because he doesn’t like apples 5.What keeps you healthy? ? A.Fruit and vegetables. B.Healthy food. C.Healthy food and sports. D.Nice food. Passage E 帮助需要帮助的人 It was a Christmas night. I was an unlucky nurse who had to work on such a beautiful festival. When I was complaining(抱怨)about it, three people appeared at my desk — a tired woman and two children. “Are you all sick?” I asked doubtfully because they seemed all right. “Yes,” the woman answered weakly and lowered her head. But when they started to present their problems, things became unclear. One child had a fever, but his temperature was OK. The other child had an earache, but she could not tell me which ear hurt. It seemed that the mother was pretending(假装) to cough. Something was wrong. But I only explained that it might take a while before a doctor could meet them. “Take your time, please,” said the mother. I checked their charts—no address. Suddenly I knew, they were homeless while the hospital was warm. The family huddled(蜷缩)together under the Christmas tree, smiling and talking with each other sweetly. Quietly, I went back to the nurses’ station and told them what happened in the waiting room. It was just like God sending us a gift on Christmas Day. The nurses’ station suddenly came back to life. All the nurses went into action for “a Christmas emergency(急诊)”. We took out our meals for our Christmas “patients”. We also put together oranges and apples as presents. We tried to exceed the needs of a family who only wanted a warm place on Christmas night. Later, the little girl kissed me and said, “Thanks for being our angel(天使).” (  )1.Before the family appeared in the hospital, the writer was very________. A.proud  B.unhappy  C.pleased (  )2.The family came to the hospital because________. A.they came to visit a patient B.they were all sick C.they were homeless (  )3.The nurses offered the family meals and gifts in order to________. A.make them feel at home B.make them leave C.make them feel upset (  )4.What does the underlined word “exceed ” in this passage mean? A.降低  B.超出  C.拒绝 (  )5.From the story, we learn that________. A.homeless people often tell lies B.a hospital is a good place to spend Christmas night C.we should always be friendly and kind to those in need Passage F (2019中考选练) Everyday Food by Martha Stewart No matter how busy you are, at the end of the day you want meals that are easy to prepare. And you want lots of choices and variations. You’ll find all of that in this book: 250 simple recipes for delicious meals that bring freshness and nutrition. Paperback, published by Random House, $16.79 Zeroes by Scott Westerfeld, Margo Lanagan, Deborah Biancotti New York Times best-selling author Scott Westerfeld teams up with Margo Lanagan and Deborah Biancotti in the book about six teenagers with amazing abilities. These teenagers have powers that set them apart. They can do things ordinary people can’t do. Paperback, published by Simon & Schuster, $12.99 Mighty Jack by Ben Hatke Jack dislikes summer. But he’s got a good reason: summer is when his single mom takes a second job and leaves him at home to watch his sister, Maddy. It’s lots of responsibility, and it’s boring because Maddy doesn’t ever talk. But one day at the market, Maddy does talk to tell Jack to trade their mom’s car for a box of mysterious seeds. It’s the best mistake Jack has ever made. Hardcover, published by First Second, $14.15 Only Daughter by Anna Snoekstra She’s caught stealing. She’s homeless and on the run. But she happens to look the same as a girl who went missing a decade ago, Rebecca Winter. She assumes Rebecca’s identity, using it as a way out. Little does she know her new life as Rebecca is itself a prison and it looks like a killer might be after her. Kindle edition, published by Harlequin Enterprises, $8.88 1.Mom likes cooking. I will probably buy     for her as a gift.? A.Only Daughter B.Mighty Jack C.Zeroes D.Everyday Food 2.How much should you pay if you buy the book Only Daughter? A.$8.88. B.$12.99. C.$14.15. D.$16.79. 3.Who wrote a book about a boy looking after his little sister in summer? A.Martha Stewart. B.Anna Snoekstra. C.Ben Hatke. D.Scott Westerfeld. Passage G Anyone who has experienced a cyclone(飓风) will tell you how scary it can be. High winds and lots of rain can destroy a city in less than an hour. A big cyclone, named cyclone Debbie, hit Australia's east coast at the end of March. The wind was as fast as 236 km/h and destroyed houses, trees, cars and boats. Sea levels rose and flooded coastal towns. While rivers also flooded. Many cities near rivers went underwater. Hundreds of thousands of people had to leave their homes and farms, at least 8 people died, reported Courier Mail. The cyclone lasted for about 3 days. But the flooding was still happening 2 weeks later. Some cities never recover from a cyclone, while it takes years to rebuild. A tropical cyclone begins when a group of thunderstorms meet over warm, tropical waters. Lots of air and water is sucked into clouds from the ocean. Because the earth is rotating, the clouds start to spiral(螺旋式上升). That is why tropical cyclone has curved(使成弧形) shape when you see it on a map. For this reason, tropical cyclone can not form near Equator(赤道) because earth's rotation is not strong enough there. When the wind speed increases to 120 km/h, it changes from a tropical cyclone to a hurricane, typhoon or cyclone. So what is the difference between a cyclone, a hurricane, a typhoon?The answer is actually quite simple. All three are the same. We just use different names for these storms in different places. In the Atlantic and Northeast Pacific Ocean around the US, the term hurricane is used. The same type of storm in the North Pacific Ocean near China is called typhoon. Cyclones occur in the South Pacific and Indian Ocean near Australia. 1. When the wind speed increases to ________, it changes from a tropical cyclone to a hurricane. A. 2 km/m B. 3 km/m C. 4 km/s D. 5 km/s 2. The underlined word “recover” in Paragraph 3 probably means “________” in Chinese. A. 恢复 B. 康复 C. 痊愈 D. 建造 3. Australian hurricanes caused ________. A. many people lost their home B. trees, cars and boats were destroyed C. sea levels rose D. including A,B and C 4. Which of the following is TRUE? A. When the wind speed increases to 125 km/h, it changes from a tropical cyclone to a hurricane. B. A group of thunderstorms meet over cold, tropical waters. C. The earth can rotate. D. Tropical cyclones can be seen near Equator. 5. What does the passage mainly talk about? A. A terrible hurricane—Debbie. B. The earth's rotation. C. The formation of cyclone. D. A terrible hurricane and how a hurricane forms. Passage H (2019中考选练题) Homesick is a compound word made up of HOME and SICK. You know what each word means on its own, of course. But think about what the words mean when they are used together. Homesick means SICK FOR HOME. ? Now think for a minute about SEASICK. If you change the word home in the definition(释义)to the word sea, would the definition fit SEASICK? Seasick means SICK BY THE MOVEMENT ON THE SEA. When you are homesick, the only place you want to be is at home. When you are seasick, the last place you want to be is at sea. ? Have you ever heard of a person being heartsick? Heartsick doesn’t mean that something is wrong with a person’s heart. People are heartsick when they are hurt deep inside and when they feel as if their hearts are broken. ? But, on the other hand, we have such compound words as handshake, handstand, and handbag. Perhaps you may write definitions for them. ? ( )1. The work SEASICK means“    ”. ? A. to be eager to go to the sea B. what has nothing to do with the sea? C. to be sick because of the sea D. that the sea is terrible? ( )2. When we say a person is heartsick, we mean that    . ? A. his heart is sick B. his heart needs testing? C. he’s sorry at heart D. he’s terribly disappointed and sad ( )3. “The last place you want to be” is    . ? A. where you want to be most?????????????????????????B. where you want to be least C. where you go the last????????????? ??????????????????D. the last place you go to ( )4. The definitions of handshake, handstand and handbag are     . ? A. easy to know??????????????????????????????????????B. difficult to know? C. impossible to learn??????????????????????????????D. unnecessary to learn ( )5. The author wanted to tell us that     . ? A. there are many compound words in English? B. the building of compound words is interesting? C. the definitions of some compound words are hard to guess? D. not all the compound words are what they seem to be Passage I(配对阅读) 配对阅读。左栏是五个人对应用软件的要求,右栏是七个应用软件的简介。请为不同的人找到合适的应用软件。 (  )1. Jenny has to do the housework after work. She is so busy that she seldom has time to take care of her 2?year?old son, so she needs an app for him to learn to speak and count. (  )2. Sam was given a list of books to read by his teacher, but he has just had an eye operation and needs some app that can store the books and read them aloud to him. (  )3. Bob find it difficult to remember all the new words from the English textbook. He wants to make progress in a relaxing way for he thinks it boring to do a lot of word exercises. (  )4. Cathy is fond of traveling. She needs an app that can make it easier for her to buy train or airline tickets. (  )5. John is going to have a long railway trip. During this trip, he needs something like games to kill the time. A. Word Easy is a fantastic English learning app with word exercises of different levels. Only when you pass a test of a certain level, can you go on to learn words of a higher level. B. Rail Friend can be the best helper when you feel it hard to buy the train or airline tickets. You can buy tickets anywhere at any time. C. World of Tanks Blitz, a free?to?play online game with over 40 million downloads, brings quick?fire tank fights. “A lot of tanks, a lot of people and a lot of fun.” It will be the best choice to kill your time. D. Himalayas Reading has millions of books including poems, short stories, novels and even fairy tales for children. What's special about it is that you can use it to download book recording that can be listened to. E. Cheese Reading catches the main idea of each book you have downloaded so that you can save time by finishing reading a book within 5 minutes. F. Baby Bus is a very good friend for children under three years old. Kids can learn to speak, understand numbers and draw pictures with the help of this app. G. Vocabulary Hero may help you learn more English words while you're playing games, so if you have problems remembering the new words when you learn English, use it! 参考答案 Passage A 1.C 2.B 3.A 4.B Passage B 1~5 C B C A D  Passage C 1D 2A 3C 4B 5C Passage D 1B 2A 3C 4A 5C Passage E 1—5、BCABC Passage F 1—3、DAC Passage G 【主旨大意】本文是一篇说明文。主要介绍了可怕的飓风袭击了澳大利亚,以及它形成的原因。 1. A 【解析】数字计算题。题干意为:当风速增加到________时,它将从热带气旋转变成飓风。根据第四段最后一句中“120km/h”计算得出2 km/m,故选A。 2. A 【解析】细节理解题。题干意为:第三段中划线单词“recover”的汉语意思可能是“________”。根据第三段最后一句“Some cities never recover from a cyclone,while it takes years to rebuild.有些城市永远不会从飓风中恢复过来,而重建则需要几年时间。”可知选A。 3. D 【解析】细节理解题。题干意为:澳大利亚的飓风造成了________。A项:许多人失去家园;B项:树、车和船被毁;C项:海平面上升;D项:包含A、B和C。根据第二、三段中的内容可知A、B和C项中所提到的都有发生。故选D。 4. C 【解析】细节理解题。题干意为:下列哪一项是正确的?A项:当风速增加至125 km/h,它会从热带气旋变成飓风;B项:一组雷暴会遇到寒冷的热带水汽;C项:地球会旋转; D项:热带气旋可以在赤道附近看到。根据文章第四段内容可知只有C项正确。故选C。 5. D 【解析】主旨大意题。题干意为:文章主要谈论的是什么?根据文章的主旨大意归纳总结,A、B、C项都只说到了一个方面,只有D项全面概括了文意,故选D。 Passage H 1—5、CDBAD Passage I 1~5 F D G B C
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