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专题十三 完形填空:454张PPT
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专题十三 完形填空
Cloze 1(2019安徽,A)
Dear Michael,
I am glad to learn that you have been chosen to study in China. Your dream has come true!
I can well remember that you  1???? China for the first time when you were nine. Ever since you returned, you have been interested in Chinese culture and have put a lot of  2???? into learning Chinese. When you first started to learn Chinese, I  3???? it was nothing but a passing fad(一时的狂热). However, you didn’t  4????halfway, but kept on learning and did a good job in the HSK(汉语水平考试). Now you finally got what you had  5???? for a long time. You got the chance to  6???? life in China for one year. You should have it, my son, for chances only come to those who are  7????.
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