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11_第11课时 八年级(下) Units 1~2:53张PPT
第11课时 八年级(下) Units 1~2
Dear Dad,
Today I was at the shopping centre and I spent a lot of time reading the Father’s Day cards. But as I chose and read, and chose and read again, it seemed that not a single card said what I really wanted to say to you.
You’ll soon be 84 years old, Dad,and you and I will have had 56 Father’s Days together. I didn’t think that you were too old. But the sad thing happened last week. I watched as you turned at the corner in your car. I didn’t realize at once that it was you because the man who was driving looked so elderly.?
Fifty years ago this spring, we planted carrots together in a garden in Charles City, Iowa. This week, we’ll plant carrots together again, perhaps for the last time but I hope not. I don’t understand why planting carrots with you is so important to me. Well, I don’t quite know how to tell you this, dad...I don’t like carrots.... but I like planting them with you.
I guess what I’m trying to say, Dad, is what every son and daughter wants to say to their dad today. Praising a father on Father’s Day is about more than a dad who brings home money or shares a dinner. It’s more about a dad deeply loving children who know everything and won’t listen to anyone. It’s about sharing. It’s about loving someone more than words can say, and I wish that it would never end.
11_第11课时 八年级(下) Units 1~2
11_第11课时 八年级(下) Units 1~2.pptx
12_第12课时 八年级(下) Units 3~4
12_第12课时 八年级(下) Units 3~4.pptx
13_第13课时 八年级(下) Units 5~6
13_第13课时 八年级(下) Units 5~6.pptx
14_第14课时 八年级(下) Units 7~8
14_第14课时 八年级(下) Units 7~8.pptx
15_第15课时 八年级(下) Units 9~10
15_第15课时 八年级(下) Units 9~10.pptx
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