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Each country and culture has its own set of public holidays and festivals. Some of these holidays and festivals like Christmas and New Year are common across the world. But there are many other holidays that are unknown.
Blessed Rainy Day
Life in a country where it rains a lot can be hard. In Bhutan, Blessed Rainy Day is a holiday marking the end of the rainy season. On this day, everyone is encouraged to enjoy a bath out of the house to wash away bad luck.
Melon Day
Turkmenistan’s Melon Day is a celebration of its national fruit. It takes place in August. Thousands of mouth-watering melons will be sent to the country’s capital Ashgabat on Sunday to celebrate the holiday.

Punch Your Neighbor Festival
The cities of Potosi and Macha in Bolivia hold the festival in the Bolivian Andes Mountains in May every year. It is celebrated by thousands of people and it’s based on the Quechua word “Tinku” that means “meeting”. The meaning of the word has become worse as it is celebrated with beatings that can really hurt people now.
Haxey Hood
It is on the 12th Day of Christmas(January 6th) in England. The Haxey Hood game in England has a big group of people trying to push a small leather tube(皮管) towards one of the four pubs(酒馆) in town, where it will stay until the following year’s game. When a person has the trouble, he can’t run with it. He has to pass it to people in his team.

21.How do people celebrate Blessed Rainy Day
A.By playing in the rain.
B.By taking a bath outdoors.
C.By splashing(泼)water on people.
D.By having a shower in the bathroom.
22.When is Melon Day
A.In January. B.In May. C.In August. D.In December.
23.What can we know about the Punch Your Neighbor Festival
A.It can be dangerous.
B.Most people hate it.
C.It is the most interesting festival.
D.It encourages people to love each other.
24.What should people do in the Haxey Hood game
A.Run with a leather tube.
B.Dance with a leather tube.
C.Drink with a leather tube.
D.Push a leather tube towards a pub.
25.Where can we find the passage
A.In a novel. B.In a newspaper.
C.In a poster. D.In an advertisement.
  What’s better than a presentA home-made present of course!
A home-made present is a present that someone makes by themselves. In my opinion, this is better than something bought in a shop, even if it doesn’t cost very much.
A home-made gift is much more personal, and it shows that a lot of effort(努力) and thoughts have gone into making it. Also, if something is home-made, it is unique!The same can’t be said for the millions of iPhones or other things that people own.
I’ve given my friends cakes in the past as a present. Cakes are usually a very good gift because there are different kinds of cakes to make. You could make a cheese cake or a big sponge cake with jam and cream in the middle, or my personal favourite, a tasty chocolate cake!Even if you’ve never made a cake before, there are lots of books and websites that could help you—have a look in your local library or simply google “how to make a cake”.
A home-made gift doesn’t necessarily mean something you have made out of materials(材料). It can mean other things as well. For example, collecting lots of photos and sticking them together is a great gift, and it is very easy to make. I love looking at photos because it can help me remember what I was doing, who I was with and where we were.
Making a card is very simple as well. All you need is a pen and some paper. Even if you’re not very good at drawing, sticking some cartoon characters can be funny and cool!
So why not have a tryNext time you give a present to your friend, give something home-made to him or her and make it really special.
26.What does the underlined word “unique” mean
A.Cheap. B.Special. C.Simple. D.Common.
27.The writer thinks    isn’t a better choice as a present.?
A.a smart phone B.a chocolate cake
C.a collection of photos D.a card with some cartoon characters
28.According to the text,you can   if you don’t know how to make a cake.?
A.learn from books B.ask someone for help
C.buy one from a shop D.let your friends do it
29.How many examples of home-made presents are talked about in the text
A.Two. B.Three. C.Four. D.Five.
30.What is the best title for the text
A.Special cards B.The love of presents
C.Home-made cakes D.The best kind of present
When we see babies or pets, we can’t help gently touching them to show our love. And they give us happy feelings back. But a recent study shows that it’s different for plants.
A study, published in The Plant Journal, shows that plants don’t like to be touched. That’s because touching changes their genes(基因) and, even worse, can slow their growth. Professor Jim Whelan in Australia gave an explanation. The lightest touch from a human, an animal, an insect, or even plants touching each other in the wind, leads to a huge gene change in the plant.
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