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3_第3课时 七年级(下) Units 1~4:59张PPT
第3课时 七年级(下) Units 1~4
What color do you likeDifferent people have different answers.Colors can tell people who you are. Let’s see some famous people’s answers.

Kobe Bryant,basketball player,the US
  I play for the Los Angeles Lakers(洛杉矶湖人队)for about twenty years.My favorite colors are yellow and purple,the Lakers’ colors.Between them, I like yellow better.It always makes me want to run and jump.

Taylor Swift,singer,the US
  I like many colors. But I like white best.When I see it,I think of a dress blowing in the wind.What a beautiful picture!Also,do you see horses in my music videosThey are white!I love white animals.

Harry Potter,wizard(男巫),the UK
  What color do I like bestWell,I don’t have a clear answer.I like red and gold,because my house is in these colors.I always like green,because it’s the color of my eyes!I got my green eyes from my mother.I miss her a lot.

Albert Einstein,scientist,Germany
  Women always like black clothes, because the color often makes them look thinner.I like it because I like thinking.I always sit in a dark and quiet room alone at night,thinking about my physics problems.It seems that the color makes me think more quickly and clearly.
3_第3课时 七年级(下) Units 1~4
3_第3课时 七年级(下) Units 1~4.pptx
4_第4课时 七年级(下) Units 5~8
4_第4课时 七年级(下) Units 5~8.pptx
5_第5课时 七年级(下) Units 9~12
5_第5课时 七年级(下) Units 9~12.pptx
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