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七年级上册 Starter~Module 5
Ⅰ. 单项选择
(  )1. The self-driving plane proves to be useful in many ways. _______smart invention it is!?
A. What    B. What a C. What an D. How
(  )2. —Do you like rock music or light music
—_______. I like Beijing Opera. ?
A. Either B. None C. Both D. Neither
(  )3. Jim is good at_______ and he thinks eating a good breakfast _______good for our health.
A. cook; is B. cooking; is C. cooking; are D. cook; are
(  )4. —Here is my family _______. We took it last year. ?
—What a happy family!
A. member B. name C. photo D. house
(  )5. It’s not easy for him _______the work in two days. ?
A. finish B. finishes C. to finish D. finishing
(  )6. Look! They are cleaning the room. Let’s _______to help them. ?
A. go    B. to go   C. going   D. goes
(  )7. There are _______people in the shop on Sunday and it’s _______crowded. ?
A. too much; too much B. too many; many too
C. too many; much too D. much too; much too
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