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中小学教育资源及组卷应用平台 Module 1 Feelings and Impressions精品教学设计 课题 Unit 1 It smells delicious. 课型 听说课 学情分析 本节为外研版八年级下册第一课,主要围绕Feelings and impressions展开话题学习。掌握本节课的重点词汇:感官动词的基本用法、学会用英语表达自己或他人对某物或某人的印象是本节课设计的重点与难点。 教 学 目 标 (一)知识与技能1、掌握本节课的重点词汇,尤其是感官动词的恰当使用。 2、掌握Activity 6句中词的重读规律。 3、能较为流利地朗读课文对话并进行合作对话。 4、培养观察归纳、听说与阅读等学习能力。 5、学会与他人合作,用英语表达自己的观点,提高创新能力。(二)情感态度与价值观You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. 你不必生而伟大,但你要开始变得强大。 重点 1、掌握本节课的重点词汇,尤其是感官动词的恰当使用。 2、能较为流利地朗读课文对话并进行合作对话。3、培养观察归纳、听说与阅读等学习能力。4、学会与他人合作,用英语表达自己的观点,提高创新能力。 难点 1、掌握感官动词的恰当使用,尤其是主谓一致。 2、学会与他人合作,用英语表达自己的观点,提高创新能力。 教学过程 教学环节 教师活动 学生活动 设计意图 Step 1:Warming-up 课前互动 展示开学寄语,抛出假期话题:What did you do? How do you feel? 朗读开学寄语,根据实际情况回答问题: I visited.../I went to.../I ate..., I feel... 回归课堂,复习一般过去时态。通过轻松话题导入新课。 Step 2:Foundation and ability 夯实基础提升能力 展示本课生词,教读并拓展词汇运用。隐去中文或英文,要求学生根据记忆齐声朗读。针对感官动词,要求学生观察图文进行朗读,初识本课重点学习任务。展示Activity 1的听力要求,播放音频。要求学生独立完成并提问核对答案,再次播放录音,要求学生独立完成Activity 2,两人组核对答案。展示Activity 5的表格,要求学生两人组合作完成,多媒体展示部分学生答案,对形容词栏能大胆创新的小组应予以鼓励。展示听力问题, 根据学生实际情况要求合上书本或者快速默读,勾选出Betty正在制作的所有食物。播放对话录音,暂停并指导学生跟读。要求学生合作阅读、探究重难点词句,教师补充。自由读,分角色朗读。播放课文动画。 指导学生独立完成Activity 4并核对答案。 播放Activity 6的录音,指导学生注意跟读句子时词的重读。 指导学生以接龙的形式小组合作,结合感官动词,口语表达自己对某物的喜好与原因。鼓励学生积极参与记忆游戏。 朗读并拓展记忆本课词汇。观察图文,朗读并初识感官动词的基本用法。 2、浏览Activity 1的听力题,听音频并独立完成,核对答案,再次根据录音,完成Activity 2,两人组核对答案。3、浏览Activity 5的表格,合作完成,展示答案。 听录音,默读并勾选出Betty正在制作的所有食物。 跟读对话,合作阅读、探究重难点词句。自由读,分角色朗读。观看课文动画。 6、独立完成Activity 4并核对答案。7、跟读Activity 6句子注意词的重读。8、结合感官动词,口语表达自己对某物的喜好与原因。9、积极参与记忆复述游戏。 词汇过关,明确学习目标。 培养听力和书写能力 培养创新能力。 提高听力与快速阅读能力。 培养合作释疑能力。 培养课文朗读与合作能力。寓教于乐,巩固课文。 培养句子的朗读能力。 培养合作与创新能力。 寓教于乐,巩固本课重难点。 Step 3:Practice实战演练 展示随堂练习 完成随堂练习。 巩固重难点 Step 4Homework课后巩固 布置作业 结合感官动词,用英语写写至少5位同学在春节期间对某人或某物的感觉与印象,做下节课前汇报。 能力创新。 板书设计 Unit 1 It smells delicious.. 21世纪教育网 www.21cnjy.com 精品试卷·第 2 页 (共 2 页) HYPERLINK "http://www.21cnjy.com/" 21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com) (共21张PPT) You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. 你不必生而伟大,但你要开始变得强大。 What did you do during the winter holiday ? Speaking How do you feel about your winter holiday ? Perfect Boring Interesting Surprising Unhappy ? Moving Lead in Module 1 Feelings and impressions Unit 1 It smells delicious. 新外研八年级下册英语精品资源 Vocabulary smell smelled/smelt soft sour cookie pizza lovely done try v.闻/n.气味 adj.柔软的 adj.酸的 n.小甜饼 n.比萨饼 adj.可爱的 adj.做完的 n.尝试 形容词:friendly, manly, lovely, lonely, lively, ugly, silly, motherly 副词:qucikly, happily, healthily, quietly, softly, politely, deeply 形副兼备词: fast, early, hard, late, high have a try pie sound sweet tooth salt jam for favourite ear 试试看 n.馅饼 v.听起来 对甜食的爱好 n.食盐 n.果酱 prep.用于 n.最喜欢的人/事 n.耳朵 sound smell taste look feel 感官动词+形容词 Vocabulary The cat looks lovely. The pig feels happy. It looks very angry. The girl looks fat. Her pet looks hungry. It looks relaxed. She feels a bit nervous. Reading feel look smell soft sour strong sweet taste 1. Listen and number the pictures. 2 1 3 4 Listening 2. Listen again and complete the sentences. The cookie_____________. The milk_______________. This bed_______________. Tom___________________. tastes sweet smells sour feels a bit soft is very strong feel look smell soft sour strong sweet taste Listening 5. Complet the table. Ear sound quiet… Eye Hand Mouth Nose look feel taste smell soft lovely sour, sweet strong 感官动词(系动词)+形容词表示对某人/物的感觉和印象 Writing √ √ √ √ Check (√) what Betty is making. Checking 3. Listen and read. T:Mm…What a delicious smell! Your pizza looks so nice. B:Thanks! Would you like to try some? T:Yes, please. It looks lovely, it smells delicious, and mm, it tastes good. D:What’s that on top? B:Oh, that’s cheese. Do you want to try a piece? D:Ugh! No, thanks. I’m afraid I don’t like cheese. It doesn’t smell fresh. It smells too strong and it tastes a bit sour. B:Well, my chocolate cookies are done now. Have a try! 找出并朗读:感官动词+形容词 be done表示“做完”(某事), 相当于be finished,done和finished都是形容词用法 Reading D:Thanks! They taste really sweet and they feel soft in the middle. T:Are you cooking lots of different things? You look very busy! B:Yes, I am! There’s some pizza and some cookies, and now I’m making an apple pie and a cake. D:Apple pie sounds nice. I have a sweet tooth, you know. Shall I get the sugar? B:Yes, please. Oh, are you sure that’s sugar? Taste it first. It might be salt! D:No, it’s OK. It tastes sweet. It’s sugar. T:What’s this? It tastes sweet too. B:That’s strawberry jam, for the cake. D:Good, everything tastes so sweet! It’s my lucky day. 易错点: 主谓一致 4. Complete the sentences. lovely soft sour strong sugar sweet 1.I bought a large chocolate cake, because I love______ food. 2.Dried fish has a__________taste. You don’t need much of it in the dish. 3.She does not put_________in tea because she does not like sweet tea. 4.The milk has gone_______overnight, so we cannot drink it. 5.The bed feels__________and comfortable. 6.Apple pie sounds_________. It is my favourite. strong sweet sugar sour soft lovely Writing Pronunciation and speaking 6. Listen and underline the words the speaker stresses. 1 It smells too strong and it tastes a bit sour. 2 They taste really sweet and they feel soft in the middle. Now listen again and repeat. Listening 7. Ask and answer about the things in the box. Say why you like or don’t like them. bananas flowers ice cream pop music silk T-shirts --Do you like bananas? --Yes, I do. They taste delicious. Do you like flowers? --... Speaking 记忆游戏 小组挑选三人用英语分别表达自己喜欢或不喜欢的某种食物和原因:I like...because it looks/tastes/smells/feels...。其他组凭记忆抢答转述:A likes...because it looks..., B likes... because it feels...。逐轮增加人数,完全表达正确者方可本组得分。 Teamwork It__________colourful. It_______________delicious. It__________hot and a bit_________. You’ll______ _____ after eating it up. looks smells/tastes tastes feel sour good 选用方格中词的正确形式填空(2020原创) sour look smell good feel taste Exercises Homework Homework 结合感官动词,用英语写写至少5位同学在春节期间对某人或某物的感觉与印象,做下节课前汇报。 谢谢 21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com) 中小学教育资源网站 有大把高质量资料?一线教师?一线教研员? 欢迎加入21世纪教育网教师合作团队!!月薪过万不是梦!! 详情请看: https://www.21cnjy.com/help/help_extract.php
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