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Unit 6 Section A-1
Class Type Listening, reading and speaking
Objectives 1.To introduce Ss to the unit goal: offer help.
2.To help Ss recognize the target language in natural speech.
3.To help Ss use the target language in natural speech.
4.To give Ss practice in retelling or talking about a story.
Key structure 1.This story reminds us that…
2.I think it’s a little bit silly.
3.But what could Yu Gong do instead of moving the
Difficulties How to retell or talk about a story.
Vocabulary weak, shoot, stone, remind, bit, silly
remind of, a bit, instead of
Period 1
Lead-in Free talk.
Give Ss some pictures about stories to talk about:
Which story do you like best
Step 1 Show more stories to talk.
Step 2 Show Ss a video about Yu Gong Moves a Mountain.
Step 3 Activity 1a.
Match the story with the pictures [a-d].
Step 4 Activity 1b.
Listen and check (√) the facts you hear. Which story are Anna and Wang Ming talking about
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