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Unit 5
满分: 100 分 时间: 40分钟 得分: _______________
After a hard day’s work , he fell a________ as soon as he lay down .
It’s raining h_______ outside . You can wait for a moment .
What s_______ clothes you’re wearing today ! you look so funny .
The news on TV r________ that a heavy rainstorm was in this area .
There used to be a big t________ in our town .
II. 用括号内所给词的适当形式填空。 (10分)
His grandfather was ________(kill ) by a person sixty years ago .
I know the person , because I remember _____(see) him in your school .
He has trouble in ______(learn ) English .
You should tell us the ______(true )
Her mother _____(cook ) at 6:30 yesterday .
III. 单项选择 从每小题所给的三个选项中,选出一个正确答案。(15分)
( ) 1. I bought _____ alarm clock last week .
A a B. an C. some
( ) 2. ----Jenny was doing her homework at eight o’clock last night .
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