[ID:4-4184774] Unit 2 I’ll help to clean up the city park知识点归纳及语法总结
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Unit 2 重点知识归纳
Section A
clean up打扫(或清除)干净
put up张贴
visit sick children in the hospital探望医院的生病儿童
cheer up (使)变得更高兴;振奋起来
give out food分发食物
after-school study program课外学习活动
come up with a plan提出一个计划
put off making a plan推迟制定一个计划
call up打电话给(某人);征召
help out (帮助……)分担工作;解决难题
read the newspaper to the old people给老人读报纸
used to曾经……;过去……
care for照顾;非常喜欢
give up放弃
animal doctor兽医
hand out分发
such a strong feeling of satisfaction如此强烈的一种满足感
look of joy on one’s face某人脸上喜悦的表情
at the age of ...在……岁时
try out参加……选拔;试用
go on a different journey进行一次不同的旅行
a dream come true梦想成为现实;梦想成真
volunteer to do sth.自愿做某事
raise money for homeless people为无家可归者募捐
Section B
be busy with忙于
be worried about担心
run out of用尽;耗尽
because of因为
stop doing their jobs离职
fix up修理;装饰
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