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1. My sister will come back ________two days.
A.at B. by C.in D. after
( ) 2.---Could you tell me how long _______the book?
----Three days.
A. I can keep B. can I borrow C.I can borrow D. can I keep
( ) 3.There______a class meeting this afternoon.
A. will have B.is going to have C.is going to be D. will to be
( )4.----______you ______a ticket for the football match?
-----Not yet.
A.Is, bought B. Are, bought C. Has, bought D. Have, bought
( )5.----How many students do you think are still in the classroom now?
----- There are few of them,________?
A. are there B. aren`t I C. aren`t there D.am I
( )6.He said he _______for Beijing the next day.
A. will leave B.is leaving C. was leaving D. has been leaving
( )7.----Shall we go on a picnic this weekend?
----Good idea, unless it_________.
A. rains B. will rain C. doesn`t rain D. won`t rain
( )8. I`ve got ______books than you. Can I Borrow some?
A. fewer B. more C. less D. little
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