[ID:4-1576204] 七年级英语(上海牛津版) 多媒体暑假作业二(含答案)
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二, 用所给单词的适当形式填空10*3=30
1. The little boy is reading (read) now.
2. She can sing and dance (dance)
3. I hear that the phone is ringing (ring).
4. The girl wants to see (see) a movie.
5. Mr. Green is going (go) to work at 8:00.
6. What time does Mary usually play (play) basketball?
7. Who teaches (teach) you English in your school.
8. She is good at singing (sing) and dancing (dance).
9. He has (have) an egg and a banana for breakfast.
10. Let’s help (help) him with his English.
七年级英语(上海牛津版) 多媒体暑假作业二(含答案)
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