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课件 Revision module B Reading【慕联】初中完全同步系列外研版英语八年级上册:9张PPT
外研版英语八上 Revision module B Reading
Three famous books: ?
a: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone ???
b: the Water-Babies ??
c: Black Beauty
Passage 1 ??I love this book. It’s a sad story, but it has a happy ending. It’s about a beautiful black horse. In the beginning, he was happy. He lived with kind people. Then he went to many different places, and sometimes people were unkind to him. But in the end the horse lived in his old home again.
Passage 2 ??It’s my favourite book. At the beginning of the story, Harry Potter was living with his aunt and uncle and cousin. He was getting ready to a new school, when suddenly dozens of letters started arriving at the house. He didn’t know how much these letters were going to change his life! It’s a great book.
Passage 3 ??It’s the story of a little boy called Tom. He worked for a bad man called Grimes. But one day he ran away and went to live in a river. The book is all about the exciting things that happened while he was living under the water. ?
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