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课件 Revision module B Grammar and speaking【慕联】初中完全同步系列外研版英语八年级上册:12张PPT
Revision module A Grammar and speaking
1.As a result of my laziness, I failed ________ my work in time.
A. and finished ?? B. to finish   C. and finishing  D. to finished
2.The teacher asked us ______so much noise.
A .don’t make ??B. not make ??C. not making ??D .not to make
3.We are not allowed __________ outdoors with some other children.
A. playing ????B. to be playing ??C. to play ????D. be playing
4.Much attention should be paid ____________ people’s living conditions.
A. in improving ????B. to improve ????C. improving ???D. to improving
5.He wanted ________ a cup of tea. ???A. to have????????????? B. having??????? C. have????????? D. had
6.Work gets done ________ when people do it together, and the rewards are higher too.
A. easily ? ? B. very easy ? ? C. more easily ? ? ?D. easiest
7.My parents have always made me ________ about myself, even when I was twelve.
A. feeling well ? B. feeling good ? ?C. feel well ?D. feel good
8.?He began to take political science ________ only when he left school.
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课件 Revision module B Grammar and speaking【慕联】初中完全同步系列外研版英语八年级上册.ppt
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