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There a few bottles of water on the desk.
A, is B, are C, am
2, ---What’s with your leg
----I fell off my bike yesterday and hurt my leg.
A, the wrong C, matter D, the mater
3, --- you this movie
--- I think it is very boring.
A, How , think of B, How , think C, What , think of D, What , like
4, What do you like this city
A, for B, about C, on D, from
5, We’d better because it is bad for our health.
A, not to smoke B, don’t smoke C, not smoking D, not smoke
6, beautiful the girl is.
How B, What a C, How a D, What
7, Thanks for me the classroom.
A, helping, cleaning B, help , cleaning C, , help , clean D, helping , clean
8, ---- Mary really did a good job in last maths test.
----- . I think she will do better next time.
A, So she did B, So did she C, So was she D, so she was
9, Tom to sleep his mother came back yesterday.
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