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Ⅴ. 单项选择(每小题1分, 共15分)
(    ) 21. —Jill, do you know which one is Mrs. Miller? 【出处:21教育名师】
—Yes. She’s the one ________ long curly hair.
A. on                           B. for
C. in                   D. with
(    ) 22. —Do you have any brothers, Bill?
—Yes, I have two brothers. ________ of them live in London.  
A. Each                     B. None   
C. All                        D. Both
(    ) 23. —Jack, do you know when the train leaves?
—Sorry, I don’t. But you can get the ________ you need on the Internet.
A. information           B. number 
C. question               D. story
(    ) 24. Helen studied hard last term and she got excellent ________ in her exams.
A. gifts                 B. rules 
C. messages          
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