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新目标英语八年级上 Unit 3能力检测题
(满分:120分 时间:100分钟)
( )1. His bag is ____ of all.
A. heavy B. heaviest C. the heaviest D. heavyer
( )2.Mr.Bean enjoys jokes and often makes us.
A.to tell; to laugh B.tells; laugh C.telling; laugh D.telling; laughing
( )3. Li Lei’s table is older than ____. A. his sister B. his sisters C. his sister’s D. she
( )4. Switzerland is very small, it is the land of watches and it is very rich.
A.Though; but B.Because; so C.Because; / D.Though; /
( )5. Jack is a little ____ than Peter. A. strong B. stronger C. strongest D. the strongest
( )6.Lucy, who do you think the shortest in your class
A.do B.does C.is D.are
( )7. Liu Ying is not as good at sports ____ her sister. A. than B. as C. same D. different
( )8.This year they have cleaned water they did last year.
A.as less; as B.as few; as C.as few; as D.less; than
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