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Unit 2 How often do you do exercise?
1. Knowledge objects
1) Key vocabulary: housework, hardly, ever, hardly ever,
2)Target language:
① —What does he do on weekends? —He usually watches TV.
② —How often do you watch TV? —I watch TV every day.
③ —Does he go shopping? —No, he never go shopping.
3) Grasp the following grammar.
2. Ability objects
1)Train students’ listening skill.
2)Make sure that students can talk about how often they do things.
3、Moral objects
To keep healthy eating habits is good for your health.
1. 教学重点:
1) 对6个频度副词细微差异的理解及使用。
2) 弄清一般现在时在不同人称下动词形式及提问的变化。
2. 教学难点:
1) 第三人称单数谓语动词在此核心句型中的运用。
2) 谈论课余时间各项活动,以及初步认识使用频率副词。
1、A tape recorder 2、A projector
教 学 过 程
Step1. Lead in
Talk about your last weekend’s activities.
Step2. Presentation
(1) 教师问:“What do you usually do on weekends ? ” (并且板书)让学生根据自己的实际回答 I usually …… on weekends.
(2) 教师出示动词卡片
watch TV,read books,exercise,swim, play football、go shopping、 go to movies让学生回答。
always (100%) usually(80%) often (30-50%)
sometimes (20%) hardly ever(5%) never (0%)
Step3. Writing (1a)
1. Look at the picture. Discuss with your partners. Make a list of the weekend activities.
2. Let some Ss read out their activities. Let other Ss add more activities.
Step4. Listening (1b)
1. Let a student read the words aloud. Make sure all the Ss know the meaning of the words.
2. Tell Ss to listen and write the letters from the picture above on the line below.
3. Play the tape for the first time. Ss listen and fill in the blanks.
4. Play the tape for the second time for the Ss to check the answers.

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