[ID:4-3892184]Unit 2 How often do you exercise?检测试题(有答案)
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1.Although they feel tired,______they still go on working.
A.and        B.but
C./ D.so
2.His grandmother is well because she often ______.
A.exercises B.smokes
C.sleeps D.sings
3.—______do they play basketball?
—Every day.
A.How soon B.How much
C.How many D.How often
4.His mother wants him______at home today.
A.stays B.stayed
C.to stay D.staying
5.Here______the results______the exam.
A.is;with B.are;of
C.is;of D.are;with
6.Mr.Morgan ______ know the way to the museum.
A.maybe     B.may be   
C.may      D.perhaps
7.Many animals ______ because the weather was bad.
A.were dead   B.died    
C.dying     D.death
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