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新目标英语八年级上 Unit 2能力检测题
(满分:120分 时间:100分钟)
( ) 1.—Can your father drive—Yes,and he usually______to school.
A.drove  B.is driving C.drives D.has driven
( ) 2. Do you think eighty percent of the students use the Internet just ______ fun
A. on B. to C. for D. in
( ) 3.—Do you have lunch at home—______.
A.Yes,I am B.Yes,I can C.Yes,I do D.Yes,I have
( ) 4. —______ does Linda watch English movies— Once a week.
A. How often B. How many C. How far D. How long
( ) 5. We lost the game, ______ everyone played well.
A. becauseB. although C. if D. when
( ) 6.Every year many foreigners______to China to learn Chinese.
A.have come B.comes C.came D.come
( ) 7. —Does your brother ______ play soccer—Yes. He plays it every day.
A. often B. never C. hardly ever D. sometimes
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