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第一节 单项填空(共8小题,计8分)
16.----- Where did you go on _____ vacation?
——I went to London.
A. a B. an C. the D. /
17. Look! The plane is flying _____ the mountain.
A. over B. below C. under D. about
18. It ____ that he went there last weekend.
A. looks B. looked C. seemed D. seems
19.----- The soccer game was so _____.
----- Yes, I felt _____ with it.
A. bored; boring B. boring; bored
C. bored; bored D. boring; boring
20._____ like playing basketball and badminton are popular with students.
A. Classrooms B. Mountains C. Activities D. Buildings
21.Please turn on(打开)the TV. I ____ what will be tomorrow.
A. wonder B. feed C. know D. cross
22. ----- ____ did you go to Guilin with
----- My parents.
A. Where B. Who C. When D. How
23. We went to our old school las week. It looked the same _____ before.
A. as B. with C. to D.around
I went to Hawaii(夏威夷) last summer. Hawaii is a very1place. Many people go there for vacation every year. The2was nic
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