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2018最新中考英语真题分类汇编题型一:单项选择之 考点14 固定搭配、主谓一致及倒装 (原卷版)
( )1.(2018 湖南郴州)6. --Sally, it’s already 10: 00 pm. It’s time for you to go to bed.
--OK. Dad. I’ll turn ________ the TV right now.
A. on B. down C. off
( )2.(2018 湖南郴州)8. ---I saw Tom’s father bought lots of books yesterday.
---That’s not strange. Not only Tom but also his father _______reading.
A. enjoy B. enjoys C. enjoyed
( )3.(2018 湖南郴州)9. ---May I be allowed to choose a summer course
----It’s up to you. You’re ____ to make your own decision.
A. too old B. enough old C. old enough
( )4.(2018上海)33. Frank is an independent boy. His parents are proud ____ him.
A) On B)to C) in D)of
( )5.(2018·贵州安顺) 27. — ________ there anything new in today’s Qianzhong Morning Daily
—No. But there some inspiring stories worth reading.
A. Is; is B. Are; are C. Is; are D. Are; is
( )6.(2018·贵州贵阳)40. We all know that one of the world’s most popular sports ______ football.
2018最新中考英语真题分类汇编题型一:单项选择之考点14 固定搭配、主谓一致及倒装(原卷版+解析版)doc
2018最新中考英语真题分类汇编题型一:单项选择之考点14 固定搭配、主谓一致及倒装(原卷版)doc.doc
2018最新中考英语真题分类汇编题型一:单项选择之考点14 固定搭配、主谓一致及倒装(解析版)doc.doc
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