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2018最新中考英语真题分类汇编题型一:单项选择之 考点12:非谓语动词 (解析版)
( )1.(2018四川宜宾)9. We all look forward to you again soon.
A. see B. seeing C. seen
( )2.(2018重庆)29. Their parents don’t allow them _______ in the river because it’s really dangerous.
A. swim B. swimming C. to swim D. swam
( )3.(2018 四川乐山)7. –Julia, your mobile phone is ringing.
–Wait a minute. It’s dangerous ______ it while crossing the street.
A. answering B. answer C. to answer
( )4.(2018 南京)6. Some people enjoy ______ out their messages in bottles when they travel on the sea.
A. to send B. send C. sending D. sent
( )5.(2018 湖南郴州)4. ----You can only keep the books for two weeks, Tom. Remember ____them on time.
---I will.
A. return B. returning C. to return
( )6.(2018上海)39. Mr. Zhou is good at cooking and he has decided______his own restaurant.
A)open B)opened C)to open D) opening
2018最新中考英语真题分类汇编题型一:单项选择之 考点12:非谓语动词(原卷版).doc
2018最新中考英语真题分类汇编题型一:单项选择之 考点12:非谓语动词(解析版)doc.doc
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