[ID:4-4029688] 2015-2017年全国中考真题分类精编英语:句 型 转 换
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句 型 转 换
一、 同义句转换
一、 (2017·江苏南通)
He spent 200 yuan on the nice suit last winter.(保持句意基本不变)
The nice suit ________ ________ 200 yuan last winter.
二、 (2017·四川巴中)
1. A: Xiao Hua’s parents are always proud of him.
B: Xiao Hua’s parents always ________ ________ in him.
2. A: The film began a few minutes ago.
B: The film has ________ ________ for a few minutes.
3. A: He gets up early in order to get to school on time.
B: He gets up early________ ________ he can get to school on time.
4. A: How many people are there in your city
B: ________ the ________ of your city
5. A: Does Bob buy a new car She wanted to know.
B: She wondered ________ Bob ________ a new car.
三、 (2017·湖北孝感)
1. Let’s discuss when we shall go to the Sea World.
Let’s discuss ________ ________ go to the Sea World.
2. Many students like reading books better than playing computer games.
Many students ________ reading books ________ playing computer games.
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