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完 形 填 空

一、 (2017·江苏淮安)
“Today I will give you a special test,” said the English teacher with a smile on his face.
All the students set up straight and__1__for the test to begin. The teacher began to__2__ the test papers to all the students. __3__he finished handing out the test papers,he asked them to begin.
The students were very__4__to see that there was not a question but a black dot(圆点) in the centre of the paper. The teacher__5__the students’ surprise and said,“I want you to__6__about what you see there.”
At the end of the class,the teacher took all the students’ answer sheets(答题纸) and read the answers. __7__ of them described the black dot. After reading all the answers,the teacher said,“Here everyone only paid attention to the black dot,__8__no one wrote about the white paper.” The whole class listened__9__,because they were afraid to fail in the exam.
Then the teacher said,“Don’t worry about your__10__for this test. I just want you to think about our life. The white paper is like our whole life and the black dot in the centre of the paper__11__problems in our daily life.”
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