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Heritage(遗产)is traditional customs, culture and beliefs(信仰). We use the world "heritage" in many different ways. People talk about their family heritage, their city’s heritage, and their country’s heritage.
Today, heritage is changing. The Internet connects people around the world. In many ways this is a good thing, because we can learn about the heritage of other countries, and we can show our own heritage to the world. However, some people worry that traditional heritage is disappearing. Think about it. In many ways, countries are becoming more and more alike(相似的). In just about every country around the world, you can find MacDonald’s, Nike Shoes, Starbucks coffee, and American movies. Some people think this is a good change, and others don’t like it. You can decide whether or not you think it’s a good thing. However, everyone wants to protect their traditional heritage, and sometimes this is hard. For example, when a new MacDonald’s opens in your town, a traditional restaurant might have to close.
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