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be动词 is、am、are
我用am, 你用are, 他她它用is,所有复数全用are。
如: I am from London. I’m Li Le, call me Le Le
He is a teacher. She is in red. My hair is long. Rose is cute
Her eyes are small. They are bees. We are good friends.
 第一人称( I )单数,就用am
 第二人称单数( you )和所有复数(we , you , they , eyes , ears )就用are
 第三人称单数(he , she , it )及其它单数(this, that, ear ),就用is
用 am / is / are 填空
1. Hello, who are you? — I Miss deer. Who it? — I’m duckling.
2. There some deer and there some water.
3. His nose big, his ears small. His eyes big, too
4. What those? They mice. These trees tall.
5. Where the ball? --Over there. 7. Why your mouth so big?
6. Where you going? --I’m going to the cinema.
8. When your birthday? It’s in March.
9. This dolphin clever. That house beautiful.
a和an的区别:an用于元音音素(一般就是元音字母a e i o u)前,a用于辅音音素前。
1. Have apple. Have tea, please. 3. It’s ant
2. There is elephant. He has big orange

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