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Lesson 10
I. 根据句意,用括号内单词的正确形式填空。
1. Mo Yan has become one of the greatest __________ (write) in the world.
2. John’s __________(ill) makes his mother worried.
3. She wants to be an __________(educate) when she grows up.
4. With your help, I have __________(great) improved my English.
5. Have you ever read a book __________(name) Red Light
6. I listened just now, but __________(hear) nothing.
II. 根据中文意思完成句子,每空一词。
1. 你听说过这个故事吗?
Have you ever __________ __________ the story
2. 上周三他突然病倒了。
Suddenly, he __________ __________ last Wednesday.
3. 他在英语方面取得了很大进步。
He has __________ a lot of __________ in English.
4. 书架上装满了书。
The shelf __________ __________ __________ books.
5. 中国以长城而闻名。
China __________ __________ __________ the GreatWall.
6. 昨天医
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