[ID:4-3846937]Unit 9 Picnics are fun 第一课时教案
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Unit 9 Picnics are fun 第一课时教案
Oxford English 6A Unit 9 Picnics are fun Period 1
Teaching Objectives:
The lesson aims to help the students with the following three aspects:
To grasp and consolidate the new vocabulary: fun, cola, nut, lemon, snack, spicy.
To indicate preferences by using the target sentence pattern I’d like to have …
To express how to make suggestions by using the target sentence patterns Shall we… and Let’s …
Teaching Aids: Multi-media, Worksheet
Teaching Procedures:
Steps Teacher’s Activities Students’ Activities Teaching Aims
Pre-task Play a video. Watch the video. To elicit the topic of this lesson.
Brainstorming: Ask Ss what they would like to have for a picnic. Brainstorm and give as many ideas as they could. To make Ss review the vocabulary of food and drinks.
While-task Invite Ss to go to the supermarket. Teach the new words. Follow the steps and learn the new words. To learn the new words: lemon tea, cola, nut, snack, spicy.
Give situations and ask Ss to do pair work. Do pair work. To learn and consolidate the target sentence patterns.
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