[ID:4-3847958]Unit 2 I have a good friend 同步练习(无答案)
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Unit 2 I have a good friend 同步练习(无答案)
Choose the words with the different phonetic symbols
( )1. A. or B. work C. for D. forty-four
( )2. A. sometimes B. other C. son D. together
( )3. A. always B. play C. says D. day
( )4. A. kind B. city C. Alice D. visit
( )5. A. yet B. yesterday C. your D. city
II. Choose the best answer
( )1. I have a friend and she can’t read ______ write.
A. and B. but C. or D. so
( )2. Kitty and Alice like ______ together.
A. be B. to C. in D. to be
( )3. ______ your father ______ Hong Kong yet
A. Has; been to B. Has; gone to C. Does; go D. Will; go
( )4. We’ll have a visit ______ the Bund next week.
A. to B. from C. on D. in
( )5. It’s raining outside, so our teacher tells us ______ football.
A. don’t play B. doesn’t play C. to not play D. not to play
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