[ID:4-3847957]Unit 1 Family and relatives 同步练习(无答案)
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Unit 1 Family and relatives 同步练习(无答案)
1、-Which city is the c_____ of Japan -Tokyo.
2、It’s about 1,400 k_______ from Shanghai to Beijing.
3、Bangkok is s___________ of Shanghai.
4、There are many tall b_____ in Beijing.
5、Liu Huan is a f_______ singer.
6、Ben and his friends love________(eat) pizza.
7、Kitty enjoys_______(ride) bicycles.
8、Tom likes______(visit) the Summer Palace in summer.
9、How long does it_____ take to get there by plane
10、What do________(tour) enjoy doing in Bangkok
II. Choose the best answer
( ) 11、It_____ about two days to travel from Shanghai to Seoul by sea.
A. uses B. takes C. has D. is
( ) 12、-_______does your mother go to work every day, Mary –By bus.
A. Which B. Where C. How D. What
( ) 13. There’ll be _____ exhibition about education in the USA in Shanghai Exhibition Centre next Saturday.
A. a B. an C. the D. /
( ) 14. Canberra is the capital________ Australia.
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