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冀教版七年级下册《Unit 5 I Love Learning English》2019年单元测试卷(1)
1.Miss Gao is a journalist. She has written many good   (文章).
2.Paul is a shy(害羞的) boy who can’t   (交流) very well.
3.I don’t understand the meaning of this    (句子).
4.Can you    (介绍)something about yourself?
5.Jim won the first prize in a    (竞赛).
6.I often read English storybooks,    (杂志) and newspapers.
7.Sometimes I make silly    (错误) and laugh at myself.
8.With a good    (知识) of a new language, you can enjoy a better life.
9.Can you speak more slowly? I can’t    (理解) you.
10.As an international language, English    (连接) you with the rest of the world.
11.The students are very happy   (hear) funny stories.
12.The girl is old enough to dress h   .
13.   (read) in bed is bad for your eyes..
14.All the Chinese are   (pride) of Sun Yang.
15.I need two pieces of paper    (write) on.
16.We need    (buy) a new book.
17.Can you ask her    (open) the door please?
18.I am afraid    (go) home alone in the evening.
19.You should try   ( make) yourself relax.
20.They were looking forward to   (come) to China.
三、 单项选择题 (30)
21.﹣﹣﹣Can you English or in Chinese? ﹣﹣﹣Of course. Both.(  )
A.say, speak B.speak, say
C.speak, talk D.talk, say
22.The little girl tries ______ English.(  )
A.learned B.to learn
C.to learned D.to learning
23.I will teach ______ English in my free time.(  )
A.he B.him C.himself D.His
24.﹣﹣May I borrow your dictionary,Sandy?
﹣﹣_______.But you have to return it this afternoon.(  )
A.No problem B.I’m sorry
C.I hope not D.I’m not surely
25.﹣﹣﹣Who taught ______ Japanese?
﹣﹣﹣Nobody.She learned it by _________.(  )
A.she,herself B.herself,her
26.Listening to English songs is ______.(  )
A.great a help B.so a great help
C.such a great help D.such great a help
27.I have a lot of homework ______ ______.(  )
A.do B.to do C.doing D.does
28.You can ______ the new words in a dictionary.(  )
A.look for B.look at C.look on D.look up
29.She enjoys_____________in the party.She sings and dances with her good friend.(  )
A.her B.herself C.she D.hers
30.Do you know what opens the door ______ the world.(  )
A.of B.on C.at D.to
31.______ a new skill is very important to us. It can make our life bettr.(  )
A.Learn B.Learning C.Learns D.Learned
32.Jessica is from _____________. She is a _________ student.(  )
A.Canada, Canada B.Canadian, Canadian
C.Canada, Canadian D.Canadian, Canada
33.Help ______ to some chicken,boys.(  )
A.yourself B.youselves C.your D.yourselves
34.I couldn’t wait ____________ my uncle. He will be back next month.(  )
A.see B.to see C.seeing D.saw
35.There are only 26 letters in English, so English is easy _________.(  )
A.learn B.to learn C.learning D.learned
36.﹣ Can you _________ this English song? ﹣ No, I _________.(  )
A.sing, can B.to sing, mustn’t
C.sing, mustn’t D.sing, can’t
37.When Kate doesn’t know the new words in a passage, she will _______ in the dictionary.(  )
A.look it up B.look up it
C.look up them D.look them up
38.When you learn a new word, you should try _______ it often.(  )
A.use B.uses C.to use D.using
39.People all ______ the world are beginning to learn Chinese.(  )
A.over B.through C.in D.about
40.Linda, don’t be afraid ______ others.(  )
A.communicate with B.communicate to
C.to communicate with D.to communicate to
41.Mr. Cai is an English teacher. He _______ English(  )
A.teach us B.teach our
C.teaches us D.teaches our
42.Miss Liu is _______; we all like her.(  )
A.such a good teacher B.such good teacher
C.so a good teacher D.so good teacher
43.﹣How do you do your homework? ﹣By _______.(  )
A.me B.I C.mine D.myself
44.﹣Hello. Could I speak to Mr. Black, please? ﹣_______(  )
A.Who are you?
B.No, you couldn’t.
C.Yes. This is Mr. Black speaking.
D.Yes, you could.
45.﹣Bob is a lazy boy, isn’t he? ﹣_______, he sometimes helps his mother with housework.(  )
A.Exactly B.Not exactly
C.Exact D.Not exact
46.My father is good at English. ________, he is a Canadian Chinese.(  )
A.For example B.In fact
C.Such as D.In the end
47.Be _______! I can’t wait to go home.(  )
A.quick B.quiet C.easy D.forwards
48.Keep quiet, everyone! Let me _______ my friend to you.(  )
A.say B.tell C.speak D.introduce
49.Study harder; ______ can help you find a good job in the future.(  )
A.mistakes B.opportunity
C.competition D.knowledge
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