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1.—Mr. Green gets up very early every morning.
—Yes, so he always goes to work ______ time.
A. on B. at C. next D. this
( )2.—Would you like to come and play soccer, Jim? —_____
A. No, I wouldn’t. B. Good idea! C. Thank you. D. You’re right.
( )3.—Where are Jim and Tom? Their mother is looking for them.
—They _____ over there.
A. run B. runs C. are running D. running
( )4.—Lin Tao, do you want to visit the Great Wall, _______?
—Sure, Wen Wei ______ wants to.
A. also; too B. too; too C. too; also D. also; also
( )5.—Excuse me, _____ I borrow this book? —Of course.
A. am B. may C. must D. where
( )6.—How long can I _____ the VCD? —A week.
A. borrow B. see C. buy D. keep
( )7.—What are you doing? —I’m _____ my English book.
A. looking after B. looking at C. looking for D. looking like
( )8.—Could you give me _____ English newspapers? —Of course. Here you are.
A. a little B. a lot C. a few D. much
( )9.—You must _____ a letter to your mother tomorrow. —Well, I will, Dad.
A. write B. to write C. write to D. writing
( )10.—Excuse me, do you have any basketballs?
—Sorry, we don’t have any.
A. Oh, I want to buy it. B. Thank you all the same.
C. Bye-bye. D. It doesn’t matter.
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