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( )21. —What color ____ your ____, Mike?
A. is; pants B. is; pant C. are; pant D. are; pants
( )22. —Whose is the T-shirt?—It’s .
A. her B. my C. his D. your
( )23. —Do you have two_________? —Yes , I do.
A. knife B. knifes C. knives D. Knife's
( )24. — What’re those?
—_________ are flowers.
A. It B. These C. They D. That
( )25.—Is this your bag? —_________.
A. Yes, it is B. No, it is. C. No, this isn’t D. Yes. this is.
( )26. Lucy a short nose, but I a long one.
A. have, have B. have, has C. has, have D. has, has
( )27. —You are nice in this dress.
A. It’s right. B. No, it isn’t. C. Thank you. D. OK.
( )28. —How do you spell it?—_______.
A. Yes, F-A-X fax. B. No, F-A-X fax. C. It’s a fax. D. F-A-X, fax.
( )29. —What does she look like?
A. She’s a student. B. She’s twelve.
C. She has long hair. D. She likes apples.
( )30. —What class are you in?
—I’m in ____, ____.
A. grade seven; class three B. class Three; grade Seven
C. Class Three; Grade Seven D. Grade three; Class seven
( )31. —____, Tom. Is this your book?
—No, it isn’t. I think it’s ____.
A. Excuse me; Jack B. Sorry; Jack’s C. Excuse me; Jack’s D. Sorry; Jack
( )32. Sally often helps me study English. And I help her study Chinese. We help _____.
A. each other B. others C. the other D. other
( )33. —____ is Maria? —She is twelve.
A. Who B. What C. How old D. Where
( )34. —Who’s the girl in red?
—Sorry, I don’t know ____. —____ is a new student.
A. she; She B. her; She C. her; Her D. she; Her
( )35. —____ you please tell me your name?
—Sure. I’m Linda.
A. Do B. Am C. Could D. Is
( )36. —What’s this in English? —It’s ____ eraser.
A. a B.an C. that D. this
( )37. He doesn’t like apples ____.
A. very B. much C. at all D. little
( )38. —That’s my pen. Please ____. —OK.
A. give it to me B. give me to it. C. give it me D. give me it
( )39. Li Lei often ____ Lin Tao ____ his English.
A. help; to B. helps; with C. helps; to D. help; with
( )40. —____ ? —They’re Chinese books.
A. Are these Chinese books? B. Are those Chinese books?
C. What’re these in English? D. How are these books?
My home is nice. I have a pet 41 and 42 name is Polly. It is a parrot(鹦鹉). I like Polly a lot. My classmate, Hu Tao, 43 a pet, too. The name of it is Bobby. It is a dog. Hu Tao 44 Bobby very much. Do you have 45 in your home? I often go to English Corner(英语角). I like 46 a lot. I speak English 47 some friends at the English Corner. 48 Hu Tao doesn’t like the English Corner. He doesn’t like English 49 . His English is 50 . So I often help him study English.
( )41. A. in my school B. in my home C. in school D. in home
( )42. A. it’s B. it C. its D. your
( )43. A. is B. like C. has D. have
( )44. A. like B. likes C. looks like D. look like
( )45. A. flowers B. a bike C. a friend D. a pet
( )46. A. it B. its C. his D. it’s
( )47. A. after B. with C. in D. of
( )48. A. And B. So C. Or D. But
( )49. A. at all B. much C. little D. all
( )50. A. good B. OK C. poor D. nice

三、请阅读短文,并根据短文内容选择正确答案。 (30分)

( )51.____________are from England.
A. Danny and Amy B. Jane and Amy
C. Yukio and Danny D. Jane and Danny
( ) 52. Danny and Amy have ____________ hair.
A. long B. short C. yellow D. black
( ) 53. ____________ are 12.
A. Amy and Danny B. Jane and Yukio
C. Amy and Jane D. Yukio and Danny

Mike lives in Zhengzhou of China. But he is from Canada. He is 12 years old this year. He speaks English. And he speaks Chinese a little. Mingming is his good friend. He is a Chinese boy. He often goes to the English Corner. He likes to speak English there. It helps him with English. Of course(当然), he often helps Mike with Chinese. Mike has a pet at home. It is a dog. He likes it very much. The name of it is Wangwang. Mingming likes it, too. So he often plays with Wangwang in Mike’s home.
( ) 54. Where is Mike from?
A. China B. Canada C. England D. America
( ) 55. Who helps Mike with Chinese?
A. Mingming B. Wangwang
C. Mike’s teacher D. Mike’s mother
( ) 56. What’s the name of Mike’s pet?
A. Mike B. Mingming C. Wangwang D. Mimi
( ) 57. Where does Mingming play with Wangwang?
A. in the English Corner B. in Mike’s home.
C. in Mingming’s home. D. in the school

This is Jim. He is thirteen. He is from the U.S.A. He is a student. He has a good friend. His name is Jack. Jack is fifteen. He is from Australia. Jack is tall but Jim is short. They are in the same class, but they are in different grades. Jim is in Class Two. Jack is in Class Two, too. They go to school(上学) at seven in the morning and go home(回家) at six in the afternoon.

( )58. Jim and Jack are ____.
A. sisters B. friends
C. teacher and student D. brothers
( )59. Jim and Jack are in ____.
A. the same grade B. different grades
C. the same color D. the same family(家庭)
( )60. Jack is in ____.
A. Class 4 B. Class 3 C. Class 2 D. Class 1
( )61. They go to school at ____ in the morning.
A. 6:00 B. 7:00 C. 7:30 D. 8:00

Michael is an English boy. He is a good student. He is twelve years old. Now he is in a red coat. Linda is Michael’s sister. She is a nice girl. She is fourteen years old. Now she is in a green dress. Lucy and Lily are from the USA. They are students, too. They are in yellow coats. They look the same. Michael, Linda, Lucy and Lily are good friends. Michael, Lucy and Lily are in the same school. But Linda is not in the school. They like China.
( )62. Michael is from ____.
A. the USA. B. England C. China D. Japan
( )63. Linda is ____.
A. Lucy’s sister B. Lily’s sister
C. Michael’s sister D. Michael’s mom
( )64. Linda is in ____.
A. a red dress B. a red coat C. a green dress D. a green coat
( )65. Lucy and Lily are ____.
A. in the same school B. in the same class
C. in different schools D. in different colors

A: Good morning.
B: 66

A: Do you have a friend here?
B: Yes, I do.
A: 67
B: Oh. She is my friend, Amy.
A: 68
B: She comes from the U.S.A.
A: She looks like Judy.
B: 69
A: Are they in the same class?
B: No. They are in the same grade. 70
A. Who is that girl?
B. But they’re in different classes.
C. Where is she?
D. They are sisters.
E. Good morning.
F. Thank you.
G. Where does she come from?
Bob is an English boy. His eyes are blue. Li Ming is a tall boy. His eyes are black. They are good friends. Bob’s hair is yellow and Li Ming’s hair is black. Li Ming’s mom is a Chinese teacher. Bob’s mom is an English teacher. She and Li Ming’s mom are in the same school. Bob’s family(家庭) are new in China. Li Ming’s dad and mom help them. They like their English friends.
根据短文内容, 回答下列问题。
71. What colors are Bob’s eyes?
72. Is Bob’s mom a Chinese teacher?
73. Are Bob’s mom and Li Ming’s mom in the same school?
74. I am from China. (变为一般疑问句)
____ ____ from China?
75. I have a knife. (改为否定句)
____ _____ have a knife.
76. Does your brother do his homework? (否定回答)
No, ____ ____.
77. My sister is eleven.(对画线部分提问)
____ ____ is your sister?

78. I have a white pen. (改为同义句)
___________ pen is __________.
79. Those are apple trees.(改为单数形式)
______ _____apple tree.
80. The girl __________ _________(穿蓝色的) is my sister.
My name is Tom. I come 81___England. I’m 13 82___old. I have big blue eyes and blond hair. I’m tall. 83__shirt is white and my pants 84__ black. Now I’m in 85___Seven, Grade Six. Look! That boy86___ a yellow coat is my friend, Bill. He’s from the U.S.A. He’s twelve. He is strong. We are in 87__same school, but we are in_88__classes. Bill gives his photo to me. I give my photo to him, 89__. We are good 90__
假设你的名字叫李军,男孩,13岁,在文化中学七年3班,你有大眼睛,短头发。你经常穿着白衬衫和黑裤子。你的电话号码是023—86217891. 你经常在下午去英语角(English Corner)。你很喜欢英语。
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